In business since 1998, SYSMO has already an unusual experience in industrial automation. The initial activity of the company was supported by the domestic industrial market, with particular relevance of the textile, ceramic and cork. The national machinery builders were the mainstay of an activity that was extended to more demanding industries such as the automotive. The internationalization of SYSMO began long time ago, lending its efforts to projects beyond Portuguese borders. The decline in demand of traditional sectors of local industry led the offer of SYSMO to expand to other areas of activity. The infrastructures of rehabilitation and preservation of the environment, production and distribution of potable water filled a major share of the activity of SYSMO. Nowadays SYSMO is back to its roots with more complex industrial applications and challenging customers. The ISO 9001 works as a driver for the relentless pursuit of improvement performance and provided services. Robotic applications and the simulation of industrial processes are born from the need to expand the area of intervention, allowing the entry of SYSMO into distinct phases of industrial solutions development. The growth and diversification of activity, is only possible through a capable and motivated team, which is the face of SYSMO with customers and suppliers and the mainstay of its performance.