Programming of industrial systems, mainly Industrial PLCs, is the foundation of the SYSMO business. The range of industrial applications based on industrial PLCs is huge and covers a wide variety of business sectors. Throughout its existence, SYSMO provided solutions for the ceramics industry, textile, food, automotive, among others. Programmable Logic Devices programmed by SYSMO are the brain of numerous purification of domestic and industrial wastewater systems, water purification plants and potable water distribution structures. There are SYSMO solutions in Portugal as in several foreign countries such as Spain, Romania, Morocco, Algeria, Mexico, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Brazil, Angola, United States, etc. Industrial communications, identification systems, motion control, and industrial vision are subjects of industrial automation followed by SYSMO, promoting their integration into current solutions whenever this means a real advantage for the client. SYSMO has bilateral partnerships with representatives of the leading brands in the market such as Siemens, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Schneider and Beckhoff. These partnerships, in addition to a clear competence indicator are a key factor of competitiveness, both from an economic and technical point of view.